Medicare Supplements

Medicare Supplements Basics

AmeriGuide Financial partners with the strongest insurance carriers and financial companies in the industry in order to offer its clients the most comprehensive product portfolio possible. We believe individualized financial and insurance advice coupled with industry-leading products positions our clients with the most effective financial plans possible.

Medicare Supplement plans are often referred to as Medigap plans, and help pay for your share of medicare expenses such as deductibles and co-insurance in exchange for an affordable monthly payment. Many people are often surprised to learn Medicare covers only 80% of Part B expenses, leaving the burden of covering the remaining 20% to individuals and families. This potentially catastrophic loss is what has lead over 10 million people across the country to buy Medicare Supplement plans. There are many different plans available on the market today, each with its individual trade offs. We highly recommend consulting one of our licensed and experienced professionals prior to choosing your plan.

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